DEVIANT TRAILER | Halloween (2018)

The newest final, final super deluxe trailer has come out for the latest incarnation of...*queue Carpenter theme track*....HALLOWEEN!

Firstly...I gotta excitement for this film has sort of tapered off a little bit. Like...I'm still pretty psyched for this new continuation of Michael Myers going around stabbing people on Halloween night...but, I'm not as crazy for it as I was when the first trailer came out. That one was a good trailer. This one, I feel...shows too much. And...not to mention...the whole beginning section of the trailer...feels lifted right out of the original film. There's even a shot of the famous "ghost sheet" in there...which...may or may not be a necessarily good thing...depending on the kind of horror fan you might be. Like...for instance...if you are a sucker for in your face nostalgic pandering (there's plenty here)...then...this trailer is certainly up your alley. However, if you are the kind of horror fan that likes your nostalgia in subtle and there...then...well...maybe this trailer is a tad much.

Here...let's take a look-see...yeah?

See what I mean? Way too much. That bit at the end of the trailer...when Michael breaks his hands through the door window in order to choke out that for the actual film. I don't wanna see them meet until I'm in the theater. There's something magical about seeing them meet again after all this the darkness of the movie theater. Not in a trailer on YouTube. Cheapens it...I think. Still...I think we're in for something special when this film comes out on October 19th. Another little noteworthy detail...according to IMDb...this thing clocks in at an hour and 49 minutes. That is rather long for a horror film these days. I'm really hoping this won't be an editing issue for the film because director David Gordon Green has been known in some of his past features for overstaying his welcome. 

Also apparent in this trailer...Laurie is the new Dr. Loomis. She's a long way from that petrified teenager from the first film...and I'm really digging that aspect from the new film.

I really, really, really wanna love this film after the credits roll. I feel like if this film is mediocre...and I leave shrugging my shoulders and feeling that it was...ok...then, the film will have failed. this needs to be amazing. But...I guess we will know soon enough. How about you? Where do you stand with Halloween?

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