FILM REVIEW | A Quiet Place (2018)

In continuing with my recent tradition of "late to the party" film reviews...I watched A Quiet Place  the other night...and would like to share my thoughts. Is that cool? I mean...I'm sure you've already seen the film...and have your own thoughts. So...maybe this can serve as sort of a complimentary review?'ve already seen the film! the official Film Deviant film review of...A QUIET PLACE!!

I don't know, man. I just don't know anymore. How are the kids doing it these days? Are they just posting reviews like a year in advance because they've already seen it at some foreign film festival...and the common film goer feels all out of date because the film isn't even out yet and it already has a Tomato-Meter score? Is that the current state of things? Because...I'm just over here watching Demons  for the 30 billionth time.


So...A Quiet Place, huh?!

How about that movie, guys! Sorry. Am I shouting? I don't wanna attract the weird creatures with fangs that look not unlike a sinister mutation from the world of that My Singing Monsters game that my son used to play. Seriously. Those things are borderline creepy...and borderline hilarious. Something about their design that sorta makes me think a little bit Resident Evil  creature with a dash of Silent Hill...with a sprinkle of something from a Riddick movie. I dunno. Cool, tho...I suppose.

As for the actual film...this one's a John Krasinski joint. Yup...written, directed and produced by the dude from The Office. How 'bout that? And let me tell you...once you get past the fact that this is from the mind of Jim from The Office...this film is a really solid and original entry into the realm of genre films these days. Especially since studios are more concerned with remakes and sequels and whatever the next new "thing" is. I wound't be surprised if you start seeing more "quiet" films crop up at your local RedBox in the near future. And that's a testament to how engaging this film truly is.


The story opens in some kind of drug/convenience store not too far from what one might imagine a drug/convenience store to look like these days. Not one of those fancy chains...but, more like one of those mom and pop ones that always have the best stuff. It's important to point that out...because the film automatically feels familiar right from jump. Doesn't feel like one of those Sci-fi flicks that introduces a premise feeling more apocalyptic...or whatever. This one feels like it was shot in one of our suburbs somewhere not far...and that really grounds the film and enables the viewer to really relate to what's happening onscreen. And that's super crucial once the monsters of the film show up...because one may need a deep suspension of belief or else the rest of the film may be up for grabs for the more discerning viewers in the audience. Especially since we aren't really told what the hell is going on and we are just dropped off into this world. For the most part, tho...the film aims for a basic approach without too many rules to adhere to. For is established right off the bat that if you make a a die. Plain and simple. And for that...the film is pretty easy to go along with.

Krasinski is the dad of the movie, playing Lee Abbott...who does his best to quell all potential proverbial fires in the film before they ever have a chance of igniting...which is an astonishing feat, as we learn that there is a baby on the way. Now...I won't spoil any important elements of the film...such as the decision to have a baby in this world presented which has blood-thirsty violent beasts that are pretty much summoned if so much as a fucking twig snaps...because...seriously??! is what it is...and we need some impending tension, goddamnit! mentioned earlier...this is a pretty simple premise...and so we go along with it as it unfolds. I will mention that the entirety of the story is told in a matter of a few days. Grant it...we get some time jumps here and there...but, everything happens in the span of, seemingly, a weekend...which keeps things tight and neat. The performances are what make this film, tho. John Krasinski really shows that he could have been a true candidate for Captain America back when he was in the he displays a great sense of selflessness and heroism that stands tall in a tiny film like this.

Krasinski's wife in real life, Emily Blunt, plays his make-believe wife Evelyn Abbott...and I must say...she is the reason you came to the party. Blunt is one of my very favorite performers working in film she displays a level of physical acting unparalleled. By that...I mean...when she quietly steps on a rusty nail...and does her very best to quietly feel every fucking inch of that nail. Fuck. Did I just spoil the nail stomping scene? I did...didn't I? Oh, well. Sorry about that. Pretend that you didn't read that last part...and let's just go with Emily Blunt is the real fucking deal Holyfield and she should be the reason that you give this film any of your precious time in the first place.

"Son...I'm gonna need you to please...shut the fuck up."

The kids are great for what is asked of them...especially Millicent Simmonds, who is deaf in real this film takes on a whole 'nother fucking level. Boom. A deaf actor playing a child who must be silent in a world where mutant monsters pounce onto the scene whenever a pin is dropped. Fucking bravo! Talk about using the perfect person for the role! She shines brightly in this role and is given the key element in which to...ummm...well...I won't give that away. Let's just say that she is an important piece to the survival of mankind. And womankind, too. She's a movie with awesome things. And, dare I say...I was pretty riveted throughout the entirety of the hour and a half running time...and didn't fall asleep once...despite me watching this at like 1 in the morning....and there being like two sentences of dialogue throughout the whole film.

The creature effects and the rest of the FX and sound design are actually quite good. I mean...there's a ton of CGI to be had in this film...but, I would say that the design of the creatures are cool...especially for having a tiny art film budget of $17,000,000. Lolz. cannot go wrong with A Quiet Place. There's enough stuff going on in this film to keep you busy...and the film is seriously original in a landscape of bigger and dumber stuff crowding the multiplexes. At least this one is made with love. You can tell that by the performances and work that went into it. In the end...I would certainly recommend A Quiet Place. See it in a triple feature along with Edge of Tomorrow...and Pitch Black, for good measure.

The Angel of Verdun...showing everyone how it's done.

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