DEVIANT TRAILER | Slenderman (2018) - Take 2 I was totally ready to lacerate the fuck out of this trailer after we were promised a late Spring release...and here we are in July with no goddamn Slender Man  film to talk about. And then they release a brand new trailer with a whole new release date.

The first trailer for this Slender Man  film, I must say...was pretty respectable. After watching that HBO documentary about ole' Slendy....I was looking forward to something super creepy and psychological...with a sort of supernatural twist. And that's precisely what the first trailer promised. And then we get this new trailer...

Pretty cool...right?? I's not terribly original...or whatever...but, it does look like it will offer some interesting new elements with a familiar premise...while also delving into the usual "we must save our friend from this horrific curse" kinda territory. this thing says August 10th. I'm still down. It looks like they either wanted to go back in to tighten up some loose screws...or just wanted to get the fuck outa the way of the Marvel and Star Wars movies. Still looks cool, tho. What do you guys think? Are you still down for some Slender Man hijinks? you not really give any fucks about our tall buddy anymore?

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