DEVIANT TRAILER | The Nun (2018)

Jump scare shenanigans.

Remember those days...not too long ago...when a trailer from a new James Wan film would fill you with all kinds of unnerving atmosphere and we would revel in the subtle details of each frame? Perhaps a snippet from the film to really give you a sense of what you were in store they used to do back in the 70's. The first Conjuring  film immediately comes to mind. I remember thinking very highly of that first "clap game" trailer. It was just icy and creepy and everything that you would crave from a horror film. Well...the new trailer from The Nun  just dropped...and this one is about as far from that particular recipe as one can get. Of course, the James Wan moniker is only there as a producer and some sort of story writer on this, as The Nun  is directed by the hipster-dressing (is that still a thing??) guy that did 2015's The Hallow, which last time I checked...was pretty goddamn frustrating. But, this one is touting the ultimate nun jump scare, guys! Wanna see?

Here...check it out for yourself...

Fun...right? They hit you with the fucking double whammy of nun jump scares! Like...if your thing is scary goddamn nuns...well...they have one following you...and just when you think that's it...KABLOWEE!!! Another freakin' nun runs at you from the left side of the screen. Cray cray...huh? Fuck subtlety, yo.

But, Seriously...this one looks like it will pack theater seats...especially if they're going with a PG-13 rating. I dunno, man. That whole bit in the beginning where the trailer basically challenges you to "make sure you watch to the end" just feels hokey. I pretty much waited after the next video started playing on YouTube...just to see if something else was going to happen. I guess I'm so jaded on these things that the "jump scare" payoff (which I saw coming from miles away) didn't really do anything for me...other than provide another way of doing the same old thing...which, if we're being honest...comes off feeling a bit on the dry and uninspired side. Plus...that title font...just sucks.

Still...Taissa Farmiga is in this...and last time I checked...the Farmiga's got this genre game on lock...especially when it comes to Conjuring  stuff. Also...I'm always down for a decent nun film and, looking at my Gucci, there hasn't been a good nun film since....Dark Waters...way back in 1993. So...I remain open-minded with this one. What are your thoughts? Are you gonna be in the theaters on September 7th to see what our good friend Valak has been up to...or are you gonna give this film the paddle?

By the's the gold standard of nun horror films...

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