DEVIANT TRAILER: Unsane (2018)

And here I was thinking that we were getting another *Argento re-issue.

If you got what I was talking about in that first sentence...then, you speak my language...and we can start being BFF's. If you have no idea where the term "Unsane" comes from...then...well...I dunno, man.

How is it that I can manage to go completely off topic...before I even start talking about the actual topic?? That seriously always amazes me. I should really try to write these things better one of these days. I keep going back and reading my older stuff...and it boggles the mind as to what the hell was I thinking when I wrote some of those past articles. I dunno.

Anyway...Unsane, ladies and Deviants. Steven Soderbergh has pretty much told retirement to go fuck itself and has been churning out quality product ever since he announced calling it quits. he's back with a film shot entirely on an iPhone. This one stars your new Lisbeth Salander, Claire Foy, as a young woman who thinks some dude is stalking her. Let's have a look at the trailer...shall we? Perhaps...I it on your...*ahem*...iPhone?

So? What do you guys think? I actually...reeeeeaaaaaallly reeeeaaaalllllly dig it! It feels like something that I would fuck around with on my own iPhone. name isn't Steven Soderbergh...and people usually end up calling the authorities on me whenever I'm following them around recording them on my phone. Oh, well. What are you gonna do?

Anyway...check out UNSANE...when it debuts March 23rd...on iPhones...EVERYWHERE!

*Back when Dario Argento's Tenebre  first came out in the US, back in was severely censored, omitting a ton of the good stuff that made it great to begin with...and slapped with the new odd title..."Unsane". Because the idiot censors hacked the film received poor reviews and garnered a poor reputation under the title "Unsane". Then...someone had some sense in restoring the original film...dropping the weird "Unsane" name...and putting back the original Tenebre  name...and, all of a sudden...the film was reappraised as a goddamn Italian masterpiece. Go figure. So, you see..."Unsane" has a sort of notorious link to Argento's classic giallo film.

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