DEVIANT TRAILER | Slender Man (2018)

Remember that one year...awhile back...when you couldn't get away from Slenderman? It was Slenderman this...and Slenderman that. Now you can buy Slenderman costumes at Party City. It was one of those monsters that became so goddamn popular...despite never having it's own movie. Slenderman is about to have his own movie. And there's even a trailer.

So...yeah. Slender Man. First things first. I wonder why they went and separated the two words. "Slender" and "Man". It's weird to me. I dunno. Makes me think that Slendy is some kind of superhero...out to rid the world The second thing that I wanted to bring how come it took so long to get a movie out featuring this super popular monster thing? Especially since the source material basically writes itself. I read somewhere that it was some weird rights thing...and nobody could figure out who owned the property. Oh, well....who knows? Looks like they finally sorted that one simply separating the two words. 

Anyway. Here's the trailer. Check it out...and let's discuss...yeah?

I gotta say...this actually kind of freaked me out a little. Not like in a "OH MY GOD THIS IS FUCKING SCARY" kinda way...but, more in a subtly disturbing kind of way. I get that same vibe that I got when I first saw that trailer for The Ring...all those years back. I do like the whole the way that the kids are under this Slendy dude's influence and committing all these crazy dark things. The scalpel to the face in the middle of science class thing, in particular...hit the right notes for me. ALSO (!)...Javier Botet is playing the titular, that's kind of awesome. If you know who Javier Botet is...then, I love you long time. 

I dunno, man...I'm getting a good feeling about this horror film. Especially since that great HBO documentary just happened not too long ago. I feel like it's finally time for a proper Slenderman film...yeah? Are you guys on board? I suppose we'll all find out if we're ready when Slender Man  hits multiplexes everywhere on May 18th. No word yet if this will be a PG-13 snooze fest...or a potent R rated film. But...I did just compare this trailer to The Ring...which was, what the hell do I know? Anyway...keep watching horror! 

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