DEVIANT TRAILER | The Cured (2017)

I will do my best to refrain from any Robert Smith jokes. 

Say what you will about the zombie premise...I'm still interested in a good story. The the very least...looks like a great trailer. Also...I really, really like Ellen Page in whatever she's in. She brings a very sophisticated presence to whatever role she is well as a certain unique quirkiness. I LOVED her in films like Super, The East...and Hard Candy...and, hell...even that one roller derby film she was in. I forget the name...but, I really loved that film. Fuck...why can't I think of the name? I look like a cinema dumbass now...huh? So embarrassing. Oh well.

Role the trailer, Manuel...

I feel like I wanna's Whiplash...or something like that...because roller derby girls are usually whipping about and stuff...but, that's not it. I think that's some Oscar-winning film...or something.

Anyway...sick trailer, right?? I don't care if you think zombie films are lame now...and it doesn't matter that I finally quit The Walking Dead  after those last *two stupid seasons. The Cured  looks pretty cool and the performances and camerawork look top notch. This seems to be David Freyne's feature debut as a director...and I, for one, am pretty stoked to see what he can do. The Cured  comes out February 23rd...and I'll be there to check it out.

WHIP IT! That's it! Great film! Thanks, Manuel. You're the best!

*I realize that TWD  has been really stupid for a long-ass time now...but, I was trying to stick with it and see where it would go. will never go anywhere...and that is time that I will never get back. You will be happy to know that I replaced that DVR space with Say Yes To The Dress.

Thanks for reading,