Yay! We're back!! Wooot woot! Hello? Anyone?? Oh...that's right. No one was ever paying attention in the first place. Oh, well. But...hey! We're back! Or, at least...I'm back :) say that this little tiny speck of a horror blog was lacking in content over the past a severe understatement. Like...Donald Trump is an idiot kind of understatement. Yup...totally said that. 

Anyway, now that we've gotten our political stuff out of the way...I just want to let all of the faithful readers in the audience know a few that FD has the "Hot and Ready" sign lit up again. of this writing...there is only one writer...ME. Yes...that's right...little ol' me. I'm the one that started this whole Deviant mess in the first, here I am again. I will say that since it is only I...writing all of the fun content, I'm probably gonna just go ahead and post stuff whenever I feel like it. Like if there's a gaping void somewhere. Or...if I feel like adding something different to the mix. For previous review of Train to Busan. Everyone and their granny has been giving that film their own horror Oscar. While I was over here was ok. I felt the desire to add my 3 cents to that one. Or...if I feel like revealing that Tom Savini was a dick to my friends at the recent Texas Frightmare convention. Stuff like that. I will chime in whenever a voice is needed. 

Secondly, I'm SUPER into the Italian stuff lately. Like...I mean, I've always been into those films...even started my genre path on those films. However, I produce, direct and run a show called The Giallo Room. Perhaps you might have heard of it. Perhaps not. It's basically a show about gialli that my good friend Baron Martino hosts over on it's own YouTube channel. So...that has been taking up most of my creative time, lately. Leaving very, very little time to appreciate the newer stuff that has been coming out. So, my reviews will definitely seem a little slow on the latest hits. For instance...I haven't even boarded the Get Out  bus, yet. I know, right??! Seriously. I said the same thing. All of my cool friends have been giving me shit for it, too...because it's supposed to be SUPER good. So...I'll have to make it a point to catch that one. Still, tho...that's what I'm trying to tell you. I won't be very current on, I'm sorry about that. But...hey! We have a neat new cleaner layout to enjoy ;)

Thirdly, I've been getting my you-know-what all wet with the filmmaking stuff. So, that might be eating up a lot of my creative time, as well. The plus side of this one is that I should have some cool exclusive stuff for all three of you guys really soon! So...start getting all excited!

Behind the scenes of My Friend Lisa short film. That's me working the clapperboard and directing.

Lastly...I just wanna have fun, guys. That's what this genre means to me. An escape from the true horrors of any form you desire. I mean...that's why I started up this Film Deviant thing in the first place. As an escape. Real life fucking sucks...I mean...seriously, let's face it. Look at the world today. SUCKS. I've been dealing with personal the death of my, I know first-hand how much reality sucks. But, I will say...that horror has helped me in a huge way. Watching old favorites like Demons, Phenomena, Torso, etc...has certainly helped me cope with that huge loss. Weird...right? Even revisiting new classics like I Saw the Devil, Let the Right One In, Inside, etc...let me find the release that I desperately needed. So...FD will be about that good stuff that you can only find in this amazing genre. And...if you are looking for negative reviews about sucky films...well, you might still find that here. Let's face it...there's A LOT of awful stuff out there. But (!) will also find a lot of amazing stuff that will leave you wanting more here at FD. 

So...that's about it. Film Deviant is back. Go ahead...tell a friend. Hell...tell two! Because I'm gonna be bringing the ill shit back that you love about this place. Yessiree!! (I just hit you off with a "yessiree")

By the by...I couldn't leave you there all hot and wet without telling you something fucking amazing that happened to me recently. If you are 1 of the 3 people that read FD religiously...then, you will surely know how much I fucking LOVE Dario Argento. So much so...that I think I mentioned it somewhere before that my original plan in life was to marry Asia Argento so that I would be legally related to the Maestro, himself. Asia would just be the icing on my Italian cake. Well...that plan hasn't transpired yet...especially since Anthony Bourdain caught me sleeping and C-blocked that dream. Also...I think the restraining order is still in effect. So...there's that. Anyway (!)...I finally met Dario Argento, you guys!!! Like...HOLY FUCK ON A MAGIC STICK!!!  It was everything that I ever dreamed it would be. I even learned a little Italian so that I could tell him how thankful that I was for his films in person. God...I could seriously get hit by a flaming meteor...and would still die a happy man. 

So...that's it, everyone. That's everything I got for now. If you wanna send me any thoughts...whether they be happy or angry...please comment below...or email me...or Facebook me...or whatever makes you happy. Let's do this again...together...yes? I will be fun. So stoked!

Seriously, guys...I can die happy now.

Thanks for reading,