FILM REVIEW: Train to Busan (2016)

If you only see one Korean zombies on a train movie in your lifetime...maybe see this one. Or not. It's cool, either way. I mean...we'll still be friends no matter what. But, you should know by now that I would never steer you wrong in the genre film department...and when it comes to genre film...I'm kind of a big deal (not really). But...yeah...anyway...Train to Busan is pretty good, I guess.

Did you know that there are way more zombie movies and television shows produced than any other genre film each year? It's true...I read it on Wikipedia. In son plays a game called Plants vs Zombies so much that he's become quite the master of it. Much better than me, at least. To be completely honest...I have become zombie-fatigued. I mean...there was a time when I would look forward to a good zombie fest...however, those days are all but gone. It's a shame, too...because I still count Romero's original Night of the Living Dead  as one of the greatest genre masterpieces ever made. His next two zombie films are great, too. Also...I'm still one of the few remaining genre enthusiasts who still watches The Walking Dead. Seriously. I dunno, man...I guess I just don't give up on stuff. I will say, tho...TWD is definitely testing my patience as of late.

Enter Train to Busan.

You can totally say that I'm a tad late to the party with this one. I watched it in a packed theater during a recent midnight showing...and was ok. Weird...that I was a bit the buzz for this film was unanimously through the roof. I seriously don't know, man. I guess I'm not as enthusiastic for great zombie films anymore...which is a sad state of affairs in its own way. Still...there's a lot to love in Train to Busan. The direction is inspiring...and damn near perfect. The FX is that kind of CGI/Practical way that the kids love these days. The zombie action is top shelf...and, dare I say, kinda creepy. The story is good...and keeps you interested in the characters. And the performances are exceptional....especially by this guy:

I the zombie films come these days...this one is really good. However, I just didn't feel that it brought anything new to this tired genre. But, then...what the hell do I know? I've been way too busy over here with my gialli to really pay any attention to the modern landscape of horror these days. Train to Busan  doesn't really bring anything new to the zombie sub genre, per say....but, it still is pretty fun. Check it out when it hits Blu-ray right now. Or don't. I'll still love you either way. Hugs and kisses!

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