DEVIANT TRAILER: The Neon Demon (2016)

Pssst. Wanna see the new Red Band trailer for Nicolas Winding Refn's latest masterpiece...The Neon Demon?

Yes. The answer to that question is always...YES. When you have a bit of a looksy at this new Red Band trailer for The Neon get a sense that there is some heavy giallo influence in the film. Like...when I say heavy...I mean it's everywhere. Look at that above screenshot, for Chrissakes....that is pure giallo. And I am not saying this as a devoted fanboy of gialli--actually...forget I said that...because I tend to always have a pretty raging hard-on for all things giallo. But, Jesus...a decently budgeted Refn thriller with heavy giallo elements?! Sign me the fuck up all day long!

Here...have a look at this gorgeous trailer for yourselves...

Sick...right??! I'm actually getting a bit of a Cat People  vibe with this trailer, too. The Neon Demon (love that title!) looks to be released here in the States on June 24th by Amazon Studios...which seems a little curious, as we may see a simultaneous streaming release around that date, as well. Never-the-less...I am all over this film!

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