31 Nights Of GIALLOWEEN: Slit (2015)

For tonight's GIALLOWEEN presentation...we would like to show you a short giallo film.

Director: Colin Clarke
Writer: Colin Clarke
Stars: Lillian Lamour, Miranda Cox, Aley Kreinz, Travis Worthey

While it is a short film clocking in at about 11 minutes, SLIT  manages to pay tribute to the giallo quite competently. The directing is solid, the music pulsates and the look is impressively giallo. The film doesn't go much deeper than the exciting set-up, which involves a black-gloved killer stalking two lovely girls on their way home from a party...but, it doesn't necessarily have to. It is the right amount of thrill for what it is and never overstays its welcome. If you are looking for giallo in snack-size form...SLIT  fits the bill nicely. Check it out in its entirety right here: