31 Nights Of GIALLOWEEN: Eyeball (1975)


Gatti rossi in un labirinto di vetro, also known as The Devil's Eye, The Secret Killer, Wide-Eyed in the Dark...and best known to us American gialli lovers as...Eyeball...marks the second time Umberto Lenzi is mentioned this GIALLOWEEN season. And for good reason! Eyeball  is one of those giallo films that you can never escape, regardless if you love it or *gasp* hate it...it is a film that sticks in your psyche and never gets out. Perhaps it is the music...or the look of the killer...or that goddamn tour guide...there is just so much going on in the film.

To discuss this film almost feels like a crime...unless you've seen it, of course...and even then...it's one of those rides that you want to hop on again. The basic premise that you'll find out there goes something like this: 

A maniac Killer in a red cape and hood is killing off American tourists on a tour bus by gouging out their eyeballs.

Come on! Is that not awesome enough to invest 91 minutes of your time?! Trust me when I say...that Eyeball  is cut from the same clothe that Strip Nude for Your Killer  is cut from. Wildly entertaining and pretty damn intriguing, too. I mean...there are so many red herrings in this one to keep you guessing up until the very end and there's some really great shots found here and there. Plus that amazing soundtrack! Listen...if you are a fan of gialli who has seen it all...this one is a no-brainer. If you are a casual fan of the genre...then, you might wanna try out a few of Martino's stuff before you jump into this one. Speaking of Martino...John Richardson from Torso  shows up in this. Kind of a Torso  theme we have going on this week...hah!

Anyway...whether this is your hundredth time watching Eyeball...or your very first...the film is a ton of fun and always worth checking out...if even for the tour guide. Also, the film is super hard to find on DVD...so, I took the liberty of embedding it below for you. Why? Well...because I like you a lot, silly. Please enjoy...EYEBALL