Pity  is one of the finest cinematic experiences you will ever have in front of a screen.

Full Disclosure: John Pata is a dear friend of mine. Like, the kind of friend that I would mortgage my house for in order to bail him out of prison. Not that I would ever expect that golden heart of his to ever be locked up. But, I would...if he ever needed it. I say all of that because I don't want you to think that I'm just writing that above statement out of bias...because, as epic as those words are, Pity  genuinely stands on its own cinematic legs and delivers that experience to its viewer. In fact, I almost wish that I didn't know order to prove how much I love this film. Almost. I don't think I've ever used the term "Tour-de-Force" here on Film Deviant before...because,'s not that kind of website. However, this little film is as close to that term as one could possibly ever hope to be...and that is so impressive because it is such a tiny film. And...Jesus Christ...Jake Martin owns this film. His performance, alone, as the struggling "Anonymous" should have been recognized for some sort of award (in a perfect world, of course) because he leaves everything on that screen.

Anyway...I'm not going to bore you with my praise for the film. have the distinct pleasure of enjoying this experience for, Pity  is finally available to view online.

Please enjoy...John Pata's PITY (preferably, with the volume on max)...

Press release:
Separation can be a terrible thing. It can break you down physically, mentally, and emotionally. The person you once were can begin to slip away. How much agony will it take before you lose yourself? Would you realize just how far gone you are? This is a portrait of a man at the bottom, struggling to find an answer, after the wrong things happened at the wrong time. This is a story of loss.
Wisconsin’s very own Head Trauma Productions, in association with The Line Film Co., is thrilled to release its latest short film, Pity. Written and directed by John Pata (Dead Weight), based on the short story Prowler in the Yard by J.R. Hayes of Pig Destroyer, and starring Jake Martin as the tragically unbalanced Anonymous, Pity had a strong and successful festival run throughout 2014 and 2015. The film earned Best Noir Short at the PollyGrind Film Festival 2014 and multiple nominations from the Diabolique International Film Festival, FilmQuest, and the New Orleans Horror Film Festival.
Pity is a snapshot—a moment in time—capturing a darkness we all harbor. We typically do everything we can to ensure our darker being remains dormant. However, at times, outside forces can unknowingly release the other side. The outcome can be painful, frightening, and heartbreaking.
Dark, gritty, and clocking in at just over seven minutes, Ambush Bug from AICN Horror "found every second to be pitch-perfect." HTP is releasing a limited run of Blu-rays and DVDs containing an in-depth look at the making of the film, on-set featurettes, commentaries, a fantastic photo gallery, and even a black-and-white version of the film—all for a short. Might sound a little excessive, but that's how HTP likes to do it.

Blu-Rays and DVDs are up for pre-order now at Note: Special features will only be available on the physical releases.

Do yourself a favor and snatch up a copy of the special edition Blu-ray. This film deserves to be seen in the highest possible form and your mind will be blown by all of the behind-the-scenes stuff when you realize what everyone went through in order to make this short film. Long of the craziest things that I have ever heard anyone tell me was when I interviewed Pata in a random secluded hotel hallway and he explained to me how the soundtrack for Pity  was created. Pretty much had to re-think filmmaking after he told me that.

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