DEVIANT NEWS: Wolf Creek 3 Is Coming!

Mick Taylor is returning to keep Australia beautiful...for a third time! read that correctly, sport! Break out your goddamn didgeridoos because according to an interview that John Jarratt did with a website called Manly Movie (a pretty tough name for a website, if I ever heard one)...they will begin shooting a third Wolf Creek  film next year! Don't believe me? Read it yourself:

MM: What about Wolf Creek 3? Tell us that it’s happening.
JJ: It’s being developed, should shoot it next year. Great plot, secret of course.

As a HUGE fan of both previous entries...I could not be more excited. I mean...there is a TV series in the works...and now this? I mean...I realize that there are far more exciting things on the horizon as far as genre cinema goes...but, Wolf Creek 2  gets way more play than any other horror film in my house (not counting Demons, of course...because...well, let's not get crazy, ok?)...and another journey into Mick's sadistic outback is always a welcome one, in my book.

We will keep you posted on more news on Wolf Creek 3  as it emerges.

By the by...this part in the film always reminds me of Freddy Krueger.

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