CALL GIRL: The Comic Book!

Now available for your reading pleasure...Jill Sixx Gevargizian's Call manga form!

There were quite a few of horror short films that we loved in 2014 and Call Girl  was certainly one of those films. First-time director, Jill Gevargizian expertly infused a sense of tension and dread that is very hard to do in a span of just under 6 minutes. Also, Mr. Laurence Harvey is in the film playing a twist role of sorts. We did an interview with Jill and the amazing Tristan Risk last year HERE. Very entertaining film...and if you're anything like me, it left you wanting more. there is...more!

Daiju Kurabayashi and Hiro Fujii have taken it upon themselves to delve further into the world that Jill introduced and made a sweet little Japanese comic book based on the short film. Here's Daiju's official release, as well as some cool artwork from the manga:

"We're very happy to announce the release of the comic book adaptation of Jill Sixx Gevargizian's short "CALL GIRL" today. The artwork for this comic was drawn by me, Daiju Kurabayashi. I am an independent comic artist from Japan and this project is actually my debut work for an international audience!
As both a comic artist and a huge fan of horror, it doesn't get any better than this! I've had a blast drawing my favorite actors, Laurence and Tristan. They both intrigue so much. Every time I watch their acting performances, every time I hear their voices, it sets me alight. It instantly makes me want to draw...and I cannot stop.
I wish to thank Jill, Eric, Laurence, Tristan, all the people who are involved with "CALL GIRL", and my friend Hiro who helped me a lot as an editor/art director/translator/web designer/ comic producer."
-Daiju Kurabayashi (comic artist)

Also...for more info on Jill's next project, THE sure to "Like" the page HERE! More stuff stuff coming soon from this talented filmmaker!

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