Today on TERROR TWOSDAY...we have two very different kinds of horror films for the price of none. So, sit back...grab yourself a cold one...and enjoy our Deviant Double Feature.

I'm not gonna say too much today about these films other than...if you haven't seen either of them...you are in for a treat. Fade to Black  is not only a really awesome Metallica song...but, it is also a pretty great little horror film from 1980 that explores the psyche of an obsessed film fan. And if you are anything like me...then you'll probably relate. Thank you to Jeff Rich for the suggestion. And what can I say about Martin  other than it is George A. Romero's 1977 masterpiece that delves into the mind of a young man obsessed with vampires. Both are amazing low-budget cult classics...and both absolutely deserve your time.

So, without further ado...please sit back and enjoy...


Thanks for watching!