Wanna watch two classic Giallo films about masked killers with black leather gloves? Well...what are you waiting for? Grab a neat glass of J&B Blended Scotch Whisky and join us for tonight's TERROR TWOSDAY....GIALLO STYLE!

Blood and Black Lace  is most definitely in the top 5 list of best Giallo films of all time. It is an unmistakable Bava classic. Kinda sucks that it was a commercial failure when it was first released back in 1964 and didn't really get the recognition that the film truly deserves until recent years as fans finally began to appreciate the Giallo as the blueprint for subsequent films to come. Blood and Black Lace  was the very first film to truly incorporate all the hallmarks of the sub genre: high fashion, a gory body count, a jazz-infused jarring soundtrack that latches onto your soul, rich colors that bleed across the screen, a black-gloved killer on the loose in the shadows and hot female victims in sexy outfits. Mario Bava proved that he was indeed the father of Giallo with this film.

Please enjoy...


Next up for our GIALLO TERROR TWOSDAY is a film that has a special place in my heart. Sergio Martino's beautifully demented Torso  is one of my absolute favorites of the sub genre. I love the style and the pacing of the film. The music reallly hits my sweet spot, too. That fucking flute over a pulsating bass and drum background just seeps into my head and I can't help but move. And the look of the black-gloved antagonist is as iconic as iconic gets. So what if nobody can figure out that the killer enjoys rocking a red a black scarf. It really is a pioneer of the slasher film and a must-own in any Giallo fan's personal collection. Unfortunately, we weren't able to find anything other than the Italian language version of the film without any subtitles online...but, I've seen this film a bunch of times without understanding the actual language in which to absorb the sheer beauty of Torso. Technically, Martino went on to sharpen his cinematic craft...however, for my taste...there really isn't anything like Torso

Please enjoy...

TORSO (1973)

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