GIALLO WEEK: Profondo Rosso (1975)

Perhaps the best name to begin any conversation about Giallo with would be...Dario Argento. Mostly because the man is a living legend. And, while he didn't start the sub genre, he certainly did a lot to make it a substantial one.

Profondo Rosso  is my favorite Giallo film...mostly for the sake of nostalgia. I mean...there's no mistaking Argento's masterpiece for being one of the greatest horror films of all time...never mind the Giallo masterpiece that it is. I would say that Deep Red  is one of the most influential films of its time giving us that rich Argento signature that we love to this day. In clearer terms...there are Giallo films...and then there is Profondo Rosso...the benchmark to which all other Gialli aspire to achieve. I realize that I'm giving such high praise to the film...but, I can't help that it is a masterwork of Italian genre cinema. And while I will always have a favorite Giallo at any given time...depending on my mood or the weather, there can really only be one...and that one is Profondo Rosso.

Don't believe me? See it for yourself down below in our LATE NIGHT DEVIANT GIALLO PRESENTATION. Please enjoy the English-dubbed cut version...followed by the uncut Italian version (no subtitles, unfortunately...but, the gore is universal. Please enjoy.


FUN FACT: Dario Argento personally performed all of the close-up shots of the killer's black leather gloved hands in the film.

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