GIALLO WEEK: Dr. Jose's "How To Spot A Giallo Film"

Before we get this Italian bloodbath started...let us describe, for the uninitiated...what exactly Giallo is...shall we?

Giallo (Italian pronunciation: [ˈdʒallo], plural gialli) is an Italian 20th-century genre of literature and film, which in Italian denotes thrillers, typically of the crime fiction and mystery subgenres. For Italian audiences, a thriller, no matter where it is produced, may be labelled as a giallo.

It also means "yellow" in Italian.

Some of my favorite films of all-time are Giallo masterpieces. The sleazy sexual atmosphere, the groovy and eerie soundtrack, those sleek erotic leather gloves, the shine of the blade in the darkness of the shadows: I love it all. And I also love that there's a whole full decade devoted to this wicked little sub genre - the 70's. Honestly, it is probably the only decade where all the stuff that made the giallo film so great could live and thrive. Seriously...things were so different back then. So free and sleazy. Alas, I kinda feel like the time is right for a whole new Giallo revival...and there's some recent films out there really making the case for such a resurgence. Last year's beautiful The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears  and sharply hilarious The Editor  are perfect examples of what modern filmmakers can do with the Italian sub genre. And Sonno Profondo  from a few years back was an amazing Argentinian nod to the old classics. I only wish the old Italian masters (or at least the ones that are left) would come strong with some good examples of Giallo. Especially with today's advances in cinema and an endless supply of black leather gloves...the world is sooo goddamn ready for some brilliant Gialli to be unleashed and ignite a whole Italian cinema resurrection.

Yes...a Deviant horror film fan can dream. That's pretty much the whole inspiration for our GIALLO WEEK here at FD. A way to shine a light on some of the most interesting and downright amazing works of film that may have been passed over because of the salacious nature of those older Gialli. Trust me when I say...there are great examples of Gialli that rival some of the Oscar bait that is released every goddamn year. But, if you're still sitting there wondering what exactly makes a good Giallo....sit back, pour yourself a neat glass of J&B Scotch Whiskey (our sponsor for the week) and enjoy Dr. Jose's fun little short film called "How To Spot A Giallo"...then come back all week for more bloody Italian fun!

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