GIALLO CINEMA: Edwige Fenech

Edwige Feneche is not unlike a drug. A powerful drug. Mention her name in casual conversation...or picture her beauty, even if for a slight moment...and you find yourself needing to see more of her and yearning to watch her films over and over again. So, let us do just that...shall we?

Edwige really is the perfect female specimen. Her porcelain white skin and her raven black hair...and those smokey eyes. She could melt a roomful of men (and women) in one blink. I had such a crush on her when I first laid eyes upon her...a common occurrence for many giallo fans. What a vision of pure mysterious beauty. And not like the usual kind of odd genre loveliness. She has such a refined level of style and grace. So much so that one could justifiably watch a few hours worth of Fenech films on mute and just marvel at how exquisite the woman is. There's a scene from All the Colors of the Dark  where she simply lays her head on a pillow and seemingly gazes into the viewer's soul. My soul. I honestly thought for a part of my life that she was looking at me. Hell...I could go on for days if you let me. Instead...I have two films for us to watch.

Giluiano Carnimeo's The Case of the Bloody Iris  from 1972 is actually a really well-made Giallo thriller. It, of course, has all of the usual sub genre hallmarks and the film has plenty of violence and sex to keep a casual Giallo fan entertained for its running time. Not to mention...this one has the infamous body paint photoshoot scene. The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh (also referred to as Blade of the Ripper  for purists) brought to us in 1971 by Mr. Giallo extraordinaire himself...Sergio Martino, is a bit more involved. Along with the usual bloody violence and hot sex...the film has plot-twists galore. This one is generally beloved by fans of the genre...and is sometimes even referred to as one of Martino's absolute best. Honestly, they're both really great films and I recommend that you stop whatever it was that you were about to do and watch them back to back. them again. You would make Edwige really happy.

Anyway...please enjoy our GIALLO CINEMA featuring the incomparable EDWIGE FENECH!

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