DEVIANT TRAILER: Maggie (2015)

So...there's this movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger in it and he's trying to save his daughter from turning into a complete zombie. Wanna see the trailer? Of course you do.

I love Arnold Schwarzenegger when he's in a serious and vulnerable role. Even better when he's in a film where he cannot save people. Usually, he's always saving the world with his cocky badass self delivering corny one-liners until the credits roll...and those are fun. But, it's the serious characters that  truly matter. Such is the case for the new film Maggie, in which he plays a father tragically caught in a zombie apocalypse where he can't save his young daughter from an imminent plague turning everyone into...zombies. All he can do is stay by her side. Abigail Breslin plays the titular role of his daughter. 

Here's the trailer...

So, what do you think? I'm actually pretty excited for this film. I'm one of the few that really enjoyed tragic Arnie in the 1999 film End of Days...and I feel like he's bringing that same brand of acting to this film. Maggie  will start infecting theaters on May 8th.

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