DEVIANT TRAILER: Crimson Peak (2015)

Honestly...there is no horror film that I am looking forward to with more intensity in 2015 than del Toro's Crimson Peak.

As a devoted horror film fan there are a bunch of things that I am thankful for in the time that I have been alive in this world. I am thankful that the film Demons  gets so many brand new releases every few years or so. I am thankful that the giallo sub genre is enjoying a resurgence of sorts. And I am very, very thankful that we have a filmmaker like Guillermo del Toro making beautiful original horror films while everyone else is striving to remake the classics and foreign masterpieces. Del Toro exists in a world all by himself...which is awesome for us fans. He not only breathes new life into the genre...but, he does so with a passion for horror that is unparalleled. Just put on any of the special features from any of his films and you will see countless people speaking about his unbridled love for all things horror. He is the ultimate genre geek and he is coming out with a new film this October. 

Crimson Peak  looks to be his ultimate masterpiece thus far as it has been in existence since 2006...until finally picking up steam a couple of years ago. The film stars some amazing actors from Deviant favorite Mia Wasikowska to geek favorite Tom Hiddleston to red-head favorite Jessica Chastain...and everyone in between. Hell, Charlie Hunnam found his way into this film. Crimson Peak  takes place in 19th century northern England and tells the tale of a family tragedy a midst a very fucked up house full of dark secrets. I love that the film is rated R for bloody violence, sexual content and strong language...something that we don't see too often in big budget, high profile horror films these days. Anyway...I can talk all day about the beauty of this trailer...if you let me. Instead...check it out for yourself...

Crimson Peak  will begin haunting theaters October 16th! Also...just an FYI...Stephen King was treated to an early screening of the which he tweeted out that it was "Gorgeous and just fucking terrifying!" Good luck waiting until October to find out for yourself.

Thanks for watching!