DEVIANT TRAILER: Before I Wake (2015)

And just when you thought that you were done with intense supernatural film trailers...along comes the new one from Mike Flanagan's latest...Before I Wake!

I will always have faith in whatever Mike Flanagan does. His first film...Absentia...impressed the hell out of me. Just the simple fact that he was able to mine so much tension and dread with a next-to-nothing budget won me over. And I loved Oculus, despite guessing the conclusion midway thru the film. I didn't care...the man makes original horror films. And now his newest film promises more of that same originality. Before I Wake  is about a young boy who manifests his dreams (and nightmares) physically while he sleeps. I love it! In fact...the only thing that I don't love is the title. It sounded cooler when it was called "Somnia" (that would have completed the weird-title trilogy)...but, whatever. This one stars Thomas Jane, Kate Bosworth and Jacob Tremblay as the kid who must not sleep! Check out the trailer...

Before I Wake  will begin manifesting your nightmares on May 8th!

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