DEVIANT TRAILER: It Follows (2014)

This film looks pretty goddamn intense.

Now...I'm basically going on the tone of this International Trailer when I say that because...well, it doesn't really say too much about what It Follows  is actually about. But, I will say that I am in love with the ambiguity and atmosphere of said trailer. Just the beauty and terror it captures without revealing a pretty brilliant and makes me wanna see the fuck out of it.

The gist of the film follows the horrific aftermath of a young girl's seemingly innocent sexual encounter. Seriously...that's pretty much all that it gives us on IMDB. But, damn...that trailer. Check it out for yourself...

Pretty goddamn intense, huh? Unfortunately, we won't be able to find out what happens until sometime in 2015. No confirmation on a date yet...but, hopefully sooner rather than later in the year. Judging by the world-of-mouth It Follows  has received from festival screenings this past year, David Robert Mitchell seems to have written and directed something quite special. We'll keep you posted once we find out the when and the where!

Thanks for watching,