Halloween Hangover: Halloween Is Forever!

"You think this is a fuckin' costume? This is a way of life." - Suicide

Another October 31st has come and gone. But, that does not mean that Halloween is over. Because for you and I...Halloween is so much more than a calendar day or a section in a department store. Halloween is a way of life. So, while all the pumpkins begin their rotting process...take comfort in knowing that we never...ever...stop celebrating All Hollow's Eve around these here parts. We keep it going all year long. In fact...we have some cool things in store for the upcoming months that will surely satisfy your horror lust. For now, tho...we invite you to check out a couple of sweet treats to cure your Halloween Hangover™ below.

Return of the Living Dead  is an all-time favorite of ours. It has it all...gore, laughs, gratuitous nudity, some genuine scares. I remember watching this around puberty, which pretty much cemented my eternal fetish for punk rock girls with leg-warmers. It is a film that I could easily watch multiple times a year without ever tiring of it...as it truly embodies the fun spirit of Halloween and horror, in general. 

So, if you've seen Return of the Living Dead  a thousand times already...please enjoy it for yet another viewing and also check out the great documentary about the film right after, More Brains! A Return to the Living Dead. And never forget...Halloween Will Never Die.