DEVIANT SHORT FILM: Service (2014)

Service  is one of my favorite cinematic experiences of 2014...and we have it for you here!

Full disclosure: Jerry Pyle is a good friend of mine. However, to be completely fair, I met him after I first watched Service  earlier this year. He is a genuinely kind, to discover that he was the creator of one of the more frightening things I've seen this year was a bit jarring. I won't say too much about Service, because I firmly believe this one is best served cold. I will say that the film manages to assault most of your senses in its short 8 minute running time...a feat that most full-length features have trouble accomplishing with more time. 

I've personally been very excited to share this short film with more people once I first watched, the fact that it is finally available online and that we have it for you pretty goddamn awesome! Ok, kids...without further ado...please devote 8 minutes of your time to this little gem. 


For more on Jerry Pyle and his film Service, please check out the interview I did with him earlier this year HERE. Also, keep up with Jerry HERE and HERE with his latest projects. I hear he's busy working on some cool new things!

Thanks for watching,