DEVIANT HALLOWEEN: At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul (1964)

DEVIANT HALLOWEEN WEEK continues with Brazil's very first horror film. I hope you are familiar with Coffin Joe.

So, I have to admit...I first watched A Meia-Noite Levarai Sua Alma (more commonly known as At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul, if you're not Brazilian) a looooong time ago. I was a bit turned off by it because of its brutality...and the fact that Coffin Joe was a fucking maniac, with his freaky-ass finger nails and stuff. So, I never really bothered watching any other of his films until about two decades later. 2008's Embodiment of Evil, the third film in the Coffin Joe trilogy, is a crazy fucking film...and it solidifies the fact that Jose Mojica Marins still, indeed, has it. My Deviant soul embraced Coffin Joe, at last...and I went back and watched the trilogy.

For tonight's presentation of our DEVIANT HALLOWEEN WEEK...we invite you to stomach the first film in The Coffin Joe Trilogy, At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul. It's taken me quite awhile to fully appreciate the film for what it is...and we trust that you'll be repulsed and blown away, as well. Please enjoy.