FILM REVIEW: Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)

Whenever you mention a Jim Jarmusch film in a crowded could almost see the line split between the haters and the lovers of his stuff. And if you look around, you might spot me on the side of the lovers. Speaking of "lovers"...I was able to finally catch his latest...Only Lovers Left Alive. A film that I LOVED. Come...take my hand and join me in a magical quest as I share my thoughts on this film. Or don't. Either way...I still love you.

To truly enjoy a Jim Jarmusch film you kinda have to be into the experience more so than the actual film. His films are like no the way that they make you feel like you just stumbled into an vastly interesting room with nobody seeing you and chose to sit down on one of the antique couches and hang out with these interesting people for a couple of hours. That's pretty much it. There isn't so much a story as there is a basic premise in his films. It's all about the journey. A beautiful to look at kind of journey.

Only Lovers Left Alive  is certainly a journey that I wouldn't have taken so quickly had it not been for the fact that the "vampire" thing places it directly in my crosshairs. Because vampires are usually associated with the genre (even tho the tweens are doing their goddamnedest to make our blood-sucking friends unscary), I found myself compelled to approach it for the simple fascination of the fact that Jarmusch is dipping his proverbial balls in my pond. And I kinda wanna see that. Well...not literally...but, like in an artistic manner, you see...because I don't really wanna see his balls, per se. Ok...never mind.'re so uptight today. 

Anyway, the film follows two old-world vampires that have existed for centuries and have seen the decline of the western civilization first-hand. These are tired vampires that have seen mankind kill one another over the years all the while gravitating to the cool stuff that the world has to offer. Relishing in beautiful antique guitars and cherishing the experiences of playing music with some of the legends throughout time. They would be the vampires that I'd love to hang out with. Only...I'd be wearing a scarf, or something...because...well, vampires.

I really don't wanna talk too much about this film because it would be a shame to spoil some of the dark punchlines and the overall atmosphere of the film...but, I will say that this is about as cool a vampire film as a cool vampire film gets. I wanted to live in this goddamn film.

I'll certainly admit, Only Lovers Left Alive  isn't for everyone out there. doesn't have any real gore, Mia Wasikowska (Ava the vampire) keeps all her clothes on, the death count is kept to a bare minimum and, well...the film really isn't all that scary in the slightest. I almost passed it up...especially after spending a whole 2 hours patiently watching Scarlett Johansson drive a fucking van through the streets of Scotland waiting for something to happen in her "indie film" venture. But, something made me stay the course...and I'm happy for it. Something about watching Tilda Swinton's Eve and Tom Hiddleston's Adam really appealed to me. Perhaps it was the yearning of a better world away from all these fucking "zombies" that are polluting it. Or maybe I just wanted to be as cool as Adam and Eve.

Only Lovers Left Alive  is a moody film bleeding with dark humor that is the perfect film for those who love their cinema on a velvety small scale...drunk with emotion. It is the only vampire film out there with blood popsicles and the only one that reserves its bite for something more meaningful. A true existential vampire film for our times that will, no doubt, transcend time. Really loved this one.

Thanks for reading,