So...what if I told you that Kevin Smith never retired from making films and that he was coming out with a horror film about a man who captures another man...and turns him into...well...a walrus? You'd probably think that I was high on peyote, huh?, I'm high on peyote. But, that's beside the point. Smith is indeed coming out with a horror film called Tusk  about an old seafarer who drugs a young interviewer and begins the fun task of turning him into a fucking walrus. Cool, huh? The old man is played by none other than Michael Parks. A genius actor who can do no wrong by me. And the hapless young man with the awkward mustachio is played by Justin Long...a guy who usually finds himself on the unfortunate side of terrible situations in films. It is interesting to note that Haley "I see dead people" Joel Osment is back where he the genre and that Genesis Rodriguez (who bears the first name of my favorite gaming console of the 90's) is totally trying to make me jealous by playing Long's girlfriend in the film.

Here's the trailer...

What are your thoughts on said trailer? Kinda feels like a tongue-in-cheek version of Human Centipede, huh? Only...this one has the potential of spawning cute McDonald's Happy Meals action figure tie-ins. I have to say...this is perhaps the most geeked that I've ever been for a Kevin Smith film. Like, seriously. What began as a premise that was born on a "Smodcast"...Tusk  arrives in theaters September 19th, which is actually not too far away, my friends. I definitely wanna be there to see what treasures this film has in store...and to also watch the looks on people's faces as they witness Michael Parks teach Justin Long how to be a walrus...Goo Goo G'Joob (sorry).

Did I mention...Genesis Rodriguez?

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