DEVIANT TRAILER: [REC] 4: Apocalypse (2014)

Shit just got...apocalyptic!

Jaume Balagueró is back with the final (?) installment of the little zombie found footage film series that could. Together with Paco Plaza, he helped shake up the genre and revitalized two sub-genres that were in some serious need of something different. And while Plaza's recent [REC] 3  film polarized horror audiences and devotees of the previous films, it was not a bad effort by any measure. It just didn't really belong in the world of [REC]. Well, this new installment certainly brings things back full circle with Manuela Velasco reprising her role as Angela, the Spanish reporter who ultimately finds herself dead center in the ultimate outbreak of evil. You might remember that she made an appearance in the second chapter. I will say that this new trailer looks fucking intense! Check it out below...

[REC] 4: Apocalypse  is set to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this September and then, hopefully, make its way into our screens this autumn. So goddamn ready for this one!

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