DEMONS WEEK: The Women of Demons

Known for its over-the-top gore and loud heavy metal music, Demons  is a horror film that skimps a little in the hot flesh department. That's not to say that there aren't any hot females in the film...because, there are a plethora. Today...we take a look at THE WOMEN OF DEMONS!

I adore all the women of Demons! They all have a special place in this dark heart of mine. Everyone of 'em special in her own way. Perhaps you fancy a blonde punk girl with an affinity to cocaine. Or how about a mysterious ginger who likes to admire her stockings in the mirror when she's alone? I'm a mysterious ginger kinda guy, myself. But, whatever your preference, Demons  pretty much has every kind of girl for you. Except a hot psychotic girl by the name of Asia. You'll have to wait for the sequel for her.

I love Demons  because it allows for the viewer to take his or her own meanings from certain elements freely. I've always found the Adam and Eve aspect to be evident in the film. Early on, while the guests are filing into the theater's lobby, there's a big scene where Rosemary (Geretta Geretta) grabs a demonic-looking chrome mask (after a blind man proclaims it to be evil and not to touch it) and proceeds to attempt to scare her whore friend and pimp with it by placing it over her face. After Tony the Pimp (Bobby Rhodes, obviously) tells her to check her manners, Rosemary pulls the mask off and cuts herself with some sort of spike inside the mask. Well, we all know what happens next. It's a scene that has stuck in my subconscious because I feel that it represents the way that Dario/Lamberto perceives women to be. Curious beings that can't keep their goddamn hands to themselves. Eve took a bite from that apple thus unleashing bad things unto the world. Well, in Demons, Rosemary does the same thing. She inadvertently unleashes an apocalyptic hell unto the world from just prancing around in a chrome demon mask. She later becomes the first possessed demon and proceeds to "infect" the other guests, turning everyone into demons with her evil touch. Perhaps it is a comment on how the female can be a dangerous and dominant being? I mean, it's a common thread in nature. The female often being more formidable than her male counterpart, sometimes even eating him. Was this an intentional decision when writing the script? I'd love to personally ask Dario and Lamberto that if I were to ever be in the same room with those guys. It would be interesting if that were the case because it would bring much more depth to the film that everyone just views as a shlocky, gruesome horror free-for-all.

Anyway...sorry for getting lost in thought. Here now are some of The WOMEN of DEMONS...


Cheryl represents the reluctant heroine of the film. She's innocent and is actually introduced as timid...but, once shit actually goes down...well, she's still kind of a scaredy pants. I love the way she's written, tho. You feel like she's the "final girl" of the film...but, it's all just situational to the events. Cheryl is just always at the right place at the right time...even tho she's ultimately in the wrong place at the wrong time. Like the scene on the roof with metalface guy. She ends up saving George (Urbano Barberini) because she just happened to be standing behind metalface guy.'s just that simple.


The character of Hannah is a classic case of being Argento's daughter and having a role written for a film where daddy is pretty much running the show. There's nothing particularly wrong with that...but, there's no real substance or rhyme or reason, for that matter, for Hannah to be involved with the rest of the cast. She's an afterthought. A character who is basically crawling away from the mayhem for most of the running time. I will say that she does it quite convincingly, tho. If ever there were an award given for crawling around scared in a theater...Fiore would definitely be up for that award.


Kathy has always been my second favorite female character in Demons. I don't know...maybe it was her dark 80's perm that lured me in. Not quite sure. But, she seemed a little more willing to tussle with a demon  than her best friend Cheryl was and that's kinda sexy. It's a shame that she ends up turning into a demon herself and then spawns another, older demon out of her goddamn back, tho. Jesus...could you even imagine if that were your fate?? An old-ass demon emerging from your back while you're on all fours. That would suck.


Carmen is basically the hooker that gets her dumbass scratched and transforms into a demon on the theater stage. No less. The single purpose she serves was to flex the FX talents of Stivaletti and company. I mean, if you think about it...she is part of one of the most iconic images Demons  has to offer. But, character-wise...nothing much to offer.


Ingrid, the usherette, is my alltime favorite female from Demons. I just love how mischievous she appears and how bratty she is with her usherette powers. The scene where she demands Bobby and his strumpets to stop smoking in the freakin' theater is just I love that! But, the main question that has irked many Demons  fans (including myself) is...what was her purpose?? I mean...the second she shows up and starts feeling up her stockings while looking at herself lustfully in the mirror felt so sinister and dirty. Almost as if...she's in on the whole thing. But, only...she isn't because she is just as scared as everyone else when the demons are chasing them. And then...she turns into a demon, herself. It's all so confusing because Ingrid could have really been an integral part of the entire film. Oh, well. She's still hot, there's that.


If you look up "Bad Motherfucker" in the'll probably see a picture of Samuel L. Jackson. Under synonyms,'ll see a picture of Geretta Geretta...because...she's so bad! In an awesome way, of course. Rosemary is such an iconic part of Demons, it's seriously crazy that she doesn't make it to the end of the film. Or maybe she does (dun, dun, DUN!). Who knows? I would've loved to see her square off with George at the end, tho. Seeing as how she was the very first demon and that she was basically running around having fun killing people. She just feels like the main threat of the film...until, of course, the old demon dude spawns from Kathy's back and gets his head chopped off by the choppah. In my head, I see Rosemary escaping the theater and running amok in Berlin scalping and gouging the eyes of the innocents...all while have a merry time.


Nina is a curious character. Very sexual, in a sort of cocaine punk junky kinda way...but, also...very demure. Her character presents one of the most missed opportunities of Demons. It would have really been something to make her into a badass punk character fueled by cocaine adrenaline and daddy issues. Maybe a scene where her character squares off with Rosemary's demon? Might've made for a much more memorable role. Instead, she's just there to let punk rock douchebags with dumb names scrape coke off her bare breast with a razor. Ooh...what could have been.

And...for good measure, a couple of the girls from Demons 2: The Nightmare Continues...


Oh, are the one that got away. Sally is the character that I wanted Rosemary to be in the first film. Grant it the previous film is much better than Demons 2...but, Sally has always been my favorite demon. I love the way she looks when she's possessed and I love that it almost feels as if her bratty elements from her human counterpart manifested itself into a super demon who's only purpose is to slay everyone if she realized that..."Holy Shit...I'm a fucking demon now! I can kill all of these stupid motherfuckers annoying me!!" Here is an epic interview that my friend Jon Kitley did with her awhile back.


I've written so much about my dear, sweet Asia. She was the same age as me when I watched her in Demons 2. It blows my mind that we've grown into two awesome individuals yearning for one another from the other sides of the world. cray-cray. If only we could meet one day and show one another the poems that we've written for the other. Oh, how the world would be in sync. Ahem...anyway...she plays the little girl named Ingrid in the film. Ok...time for my medication.

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