DEMONS WEEK: Sergio Stivaletti

Imagine Demons  without the iconic mask or without the demon emerging from Kathy's back...or without that crazy transformation in the theater. Wouldn't be the same film, huh? Well, there's one man responsible for most of the pus and bloodshed. His name is Sergio Stivaletti.

Mr. Stivaletti has worked on so many great films over the years with Phenomena  and Dellamorte Dellamore  being a couple of the stand-outs. But there is one film that he put his stamp on that pretty much took things to a new level when it came to splatter special FX. Demons  really helped to put Sergio on the genre map. The film contains so many great gross-out gags and some truly creative practical FX. Stivaletti and company set out to push things further visually with the Demons  films, as they really hold up to this day, in terms of the splatter. Make no mistake, when it comes to the gory stuff, Demons  is the real deal. In a perfect world, the film would have been recognized for all of its cool FX by the Academy. And that fucking mask. is the one piece of memorabilia from cinema history that I covet more than anything. I swear...if I ever come into a sizable amount of money, I'm going to recreate a real metal mask, complete with a tiny spike for scratching unsuspecting prostitutes and hang it from a dirt bike with a mannequin wielding a samurai sword atop. It will happen!

Here's an awesome video from way back when Sergio's hair was still dark. The quality's a bit poor...but, it has some really great behind-the-scenes stuff from some of his films! I've already watched it like 8 times.

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