There are quite a few of the truly iconic characters created in the world of genre cinema. Some have transcended their roles and become quite recognizable in the community, thanks mostly to their fame. And some have remained in the shadows of time...almost fossilized in amber, unfortunately never given his or her proper due. Today, we pay tribute to one of those icons that should be much bigger than he is...MR. BOBBY RHODES.

What is a film without the larger-than-life players that have made it what it is today? Take away certain actors and actresses from their given roles and what would you have left? A shell of a film. Something much less and weaker than what ultimately was. Take away Bobby Rhodes from the Demons  films and perhaps we would not be talking about how awesome the film is today. Perhaps we wouldn't be doing a DEMONS WEEK or screening a FREE event this weekend, for that matter. Tony the Pimp and Hank the Gym Instructor are some of the coolest and most badass characters that you will find in genre cinema...ever. I realize that Bobby has been in a handful of films since (if even that)...but, it is his turn as Tony and Hank that has cemented his place in our hearts. Seriously...would I be the horror fan today if he never uttered the line..."SMASH EVERYTHING!"? Who knows? What I do know is that Bobby Rhodes is fucking awesome and if this were a just world...he would be a household name by now. However...sadly, he is not. Instead, he is known by a small group of individuals who know great talent when they see it. An elite, more specific crowd of fans who love these films for what they symbolize...a time in cinema history when all was right in the world. When Italy reigned and when it was not uncommon to have 5 horror masterpieces released within the same calendar year. 

Bobby Rhodes is an icon. Plain and simple. Check out a video on his YouTube channel where he shares some of his thoughts and experiences working on the awesomely awesome film...DEMONS (and DEMONS 2)...

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