DEMONS WEEK: Gore, Gore and More GORE!

So, since Mr. Stivaletti showed you his demons...let's take a look at one of the things that made Demons  the film that it is...the GORE!

If you're anything like me, then you've probably seen your fair share of genre films a bit too early in life. My very first experience with a pure splatter-fest of a horror film was actually Raimi's The Evil Dead  back in the very early 80's when my next door neighbors had a copy of it and while the grown-ups were "watching" my brother and I, the film somehow ended up in the VCR. Back in those times that kind of film was unheard of. Well, Demons  gave me the same experience...except, alone in my living room with the proverbial volume turned up all the way. It is a film that really goes full throttle on the "gore meter" and hardly ever lets you have some time to catch your breath.

There's a scene just before the 25 minute mark where Rosemary (Geretta Geretta) excuses herself to the ladies room where she basically turns into a demon and ravages her fellow "whore". It's a fun scene as it really sets things up for what's in store. I remember being fully disgusted when that pus blister burst and white liquid spurts everywhere. It is a pretty putrid scene and I remember being put off by the film and wanting to bail early on. However, something deep inside me forced me to stay the course and witness the throat-ripping and the eye-gouging first-hand. It was sort of a ballet of grue. Watching the film today fills me with great nostalgic satisfaction...however, I'll be the first to admit, that it is a pretty over-the-top film on every gruesome level. I'm so glad that I stuck it out. It was one of the first films to really test my endurance for the genre and repay me with its pure awesomesauce...over and over again.

How about you guys? Did you bail during that first pus blister? Or was it the demon transformation in the theater? Share your memories below and let us know which scene you feel is the goriest.

Here now, in chronological order, is a brief history of the some of the gore from DEMONS...

I remember when I first watched this scene vividly. It was the build-up that always got me...especially the first time. It's almost knew what was coming...but, you didn't think the filmmakers would ever go there. And they did! And I loved it! Plus...I consider it so great that it's a blister full of pus and not blood. Blood would have been so cliche and easy. Pus, however, is much more thought-provoking and edgy.

Ah, yes...the demon transformation scene. Is this not one of the greatest transformation scenes ever created? It's up there with The Howling  one and An American Werewolf in London. I'm dead serious. I realize that those movies are iconic and the scenes are really amazing...but, had Demons  been exposed to more audiences at the time, it might've been in the same conversations as those films. I love the practical FX here. It's kind of a bit strange-looking at times...but, Jesus is it effective. Especially when that tongue pops out! Freaks me out every time.

When I think of eye-gouging scenes I always come back to Demons. I consider it the Cadillac of eye-gouging scenes. You can really tell that Geretta is having so much fun when she's poking Werner's eyes out. You almost don't even feel sorry for the guy...because, well...he's blind. And he's at a movie theater. Now...if Rosemary were to somehow poke out his eardrums...that might've been rough for the guy.

Speaking of Geretta having fun...the way she looks during the scalping scene is priceless. It's part of what sells the scene. And, seriously...when's the last time that you've seen a scalp-ripping scene as good as this. Stivaletti and company deserve so much credit for accomplishing so many great special effects and make-up concepts for Demons. But, it is the relationship between the actress and the FX that really makes this scene come alive. I've always said that had it not been for Geretta's heart-warming look, the scene might've come across much more brutal. Maybe it's just me.

How awesome is green bile/slime? It's pretty much a staple in Demons. If you happen to get scratched and turn into a will, most likely, spit out green bile/slime. I'm not too sure why. Perhaps it's got something to do with the way the possession takes place in one's body. Maybe demonic possession triggers all of the bile and slime in your body to come out of your orifices. Kind of like allergy season and mucus...except, well...demonic possession.

I love the design of this demon that pops out of Kathy's back. He's kind of adorable when you really think about him. And, frightening. It is a concept that should have been fleshed out a little more. I mean, he's only in like, two scenes. The back-birthing scene and the helicopter scene (as shown up top). He's such a cool character and he's in most of the earlier artwork for the film so, I've always wondered why he wasn't so prominent in Demons. Such a shame. Also, isn't odd to have a demon pop out of one's back? I'm not even gonna use the pun about "being a pain in the back"...but, goddamn...what a way to go!

Remember when I mentioned eye-gouging all the way up there? Well this one is as unsanitary and painful-looking as it gets. The guy with the metal mask, Mr. Michele Soavi. Well, it turns out that he's not such a good guy...and so he tries his best to keep our heroes from escaping the theater. Unfortunately, he's not so good at hand-to-hand combat with girls and he ends up on the wrong end of rusty reinforcing bars. They're not even pointy, for Christ's sake! When I think of some of the worst ways to go...this one is probably in my top 10...because, sucks.

So, there you have it, kids. The awesomely gory from the film. There's a bunch more...but, I figured I'd capture most of the iconic ones on here. And, since it is 2014 and the internetz is all the are some awesomely sick gifs from DEMONS! I absolutely LOVE how happy Geretta looks in the last one! Seriously warms my heart ;)

Thanks for reading,