TERROR TWOSDAY: Happy Mother's Day!

Welcome to another Deviant edition of...TERROR TWOSDAY (insert maniacal laughter here)! TWO horror films for the price of NONE! Seriously...how in the hot damn can you beat that with a wiffle-ball bat??

For today's theme we have something very near and dear to my dark heart. Mother's Day is just a few days away and what better time to look back and reflect on that one special person who has helped to shape the horror fan in most of us...our Mommy's!

Back when my mother was 8 months preggers with me, she actually went to see The Exorcist  in the theaters. That pretty much paved the way for my long journey into horror. Hell, she was the one who pretty much approved all those great horror titles I brought up to her in the video store days. She is the very reason why I love the genre so much...and I could never thank her enough for allowing me to watch all those iconic films back in the day. So, this little edition of TERROR TWOSDAY is dedicated to her and to all of those whose mothers instilled unto them a deep love for this wonderful genre.

We have TWO sick little gems for you today. The first is a great British import that still manages to shock its viewers with a gruesomely wry depiction of a sadistic family. While the other is a notorious exploitation film released during Troma's early days that still manages to polarize its audience. Please enjoy this special Mother's Day edition of TERROR TWOSDAY...and say hi to your mother for me.

MUM & DAD (2008)


Thanks for watching and we'll see you next TWOSDAY!