TERROR TWOSDAY: The Creature Double Feature!

For tonight's TERROR TWOSDAY we're taking it back to the days of the original Creature Double Feature with a Kaiju double punch!

Back when I was young I would feverishly wait for Saturdays to come. Mostly for the Saturday morning cartoons because I had this weird crush on Firestar from Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. What? Don't judge, man...I still have weird crushes on cartoon characters. Hell, I've always had a thing for Kira from The Dark Crystal. Hmmm...can't believe I just revealed that.

So, anyway...part of my early years was spent watching all these cool monster movies on the Creature Double Feature. That's where I watched most of the Godzilla  films. So, with the new Godzilla  film coming out in just a few days...we wanted to give you TWO of our favorite kaiju films for the price of NONE!

So, sit back...grab yourself a cold Bartles and Jaymes wine cooler...and enjoy...



Thanks for Watching...and We'll See You Next TWOSDAY!