Behold, Deviants...the new trailer for V/H/S Viral!

Before we get into the trailer, here's the new poster for the third installment of the found footage anthology (click the image for a larger version)...

I'm really liking that new poster! It's keeping within the traditional VHS/skull theme that the franchise has been so fond of over the past couple films, while also maintaining a fresh vibe to the whole thing. Great design. My only complaint would be regarding the chosen filmmakers to helm the new segments. While I'm psyched to see what Benson, Sarmiento and Vigalondo are going to bring to this brand of film, seeing Todd Lincoln's name on that poster has me pretty goddamn worried about his contribution. After all, his film The Apparition  scored a trifecta on our Worst of 2012 list for Worst Actor, Worst Actress and Worst Director. Hell...his film even made it to number one on the list of worst films for that year. So, I dunno. I guess this will be Lincoln's chance to prove that The Apparition  was mostly studio tampering...or something...because, well...that film really sucked.

Jesus Christ...I'm all worked up from talking about the freakin' Apparition  film now. I guess there's only one thing we can do. Here's the trailer...

So, the worst thing about this trailer is that the first half is comprised of a trailer recap of the last two films. Which kinda sucks because the footage shown for the new film looks completely fucking bonkers! Like, in a good way! If the trailer's job was to make me wanna see the new film...mission a-fucking-complished! I wanna see this thing right now. Fortunately, the film was picked up for distribution by Magnet at Cannes, so it should be out just in time for the Halloween season...which is a little weird considering that it has a 2015 date stamped on the IMDB page. Oh, well...whatever.

We'll have more V/H/S Viral  news for you as soon as it is available. 

Thanks for watching!