DEVIANT TRAILER: The Strain (2014)

The Master is coming!

There is seriously so much horror on television these days...and I'm kind of ashamed to say that it's all getting a little tiring. Mostly because most of it is of average-to-poor quality. I mean, every once in awhile you'll get something really cool like the Penny Dreadful's or the Hannibal's out there. Stuff that, not only delivers on a great genre level, but also engages you on a cerebral level, as well. One such show that looks to surely deliver is the highly-anticipated FX adaptation of the novel trilogy by Chuck Hogan and Guillermo del Toro, The Strain!

I'm a big fan of the books, as they've really managed to bring something altogether fresh and thrilling to a done-to-death sub-genre. I mean...I've always been scared of vampires ever since my mother once told me at a much too young age that if I ever stayed up past midnight Barlow from Salem's Lot  would come for me. That pretty much kept me in bed early until about 26, or so. But, seriously...the vampire has long since failed to deliver any more genuine scares due to the over-saturation and the neutering of the movie monster. Well, The Strain  puts that much needed fear back into the vampire and does so with such a new energy.

Check out the short trailer packed with tons of little details...

So, for my money...the trailer hits on almost every level possible if you are familiar with the books, which should be expected considering del Toro and Hogan have both been behind this TV adaptation from day one. Del Toro actually originally developed The Strain  as a TV series however, no one was interested in it back then. Until, of course, the first novel was published. Then, everyone and their grandmother came a knocking. FX was pretty much the only network that was willing to stay as close to the novels as possible and really let Guillermo have full control of his baby. Which is cool because he is slated to direct as many of these episodes as his busy schedule will allow, including the pilot episode.

As a fan of the books and as an overall die hard fan of del Toro's work, I am SUPER excited for this show. I know it's probably bold of me to say that I have such astronomical hopes for this...especially because I have been burned so many times over. But, I'm as excited as can be for del Toro's television premiere!

The Strain  premieres on FX Sunday, July 13th! Check local listings for times.

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