DEVIANT TRAILER: Dead Girls (2014)

What happens when you abuse and forsake a bunch of sweet young girls? Well, they come back from the dead and seek revenge on your ass, silly!

Dead Girls  is the new independent horror anthology film from the good folks at Rough Cut Films. Directed by Neal Fischer and Del Harvey, the film actually looks really cool for its modest budget. I really love the mood of this trailer, as it feels really creepy and doesn't give too much away. Not too mention the sexiness of said trailer...and you know how much we love sexiness around these parts. We've heard nothing but good things from the fortunate ones that have seen the film, we're pretty excited to watch it when it comes out!

Anyway...check out the trailer...

So, what do you think, Deviants? Looks pretty cool, huh? Dead Girls  will be screening at the Days of the Dead convention this fall in LA and, do try to catch it when it comes to your city. And check out their Facebook pages HERE and HERE to keep up with the latest news!

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