TERROR TWOSDAY: The Witches of Italy

The new television show Salem  just premiered and now the season of the witch is upon us once again. I couldn't help thinking about Paul Naschy's Inquisition  from 1976 after the credits rolled on the pilot episode. Mostly because my good friend Jon Kitley (Kitley's Krypt) screened the classic for me the day before the series premiere...so, that film was still fresh in my mind. And then, naturally, I began to think of all the classic genre films that involved witches. Come...let's watch some films with some witches in it!

Welcome to TERROR TWOSDAY where we screen two horror films for your enjoyment. Meet us here every Tuesday and we'll have a new duo of genre films for your Deviant viewing pleasure. Let's start this TERROR TWOSDAY off with a couple of films that deal with some witchcraft fun.

One thing that I'll say about the new show Salem (airing Sunday nights on WGN) is that it's definitely a lot edgier than I thought it was gonna be. It's pretty violent, gory and it's got all kinds of female nudity and adult language in it. Hell, there was even a scene where a reverend was plowing a prostitute from the back. I'll admit, it's a pretty cool show and it even managed to creep me out a little. I'm kinda susceptible to possession and body horror...and Salem  definitely provided that for me. However, as good as the new show was...there was a time when subtle and atmospheric films were the gold standard. A time when witchcraft was a taboo premise and certain films managed to scare audiences with new perspectives on the sub-genre. 

In this first installment of TERROR TWOSDAY, we have two films that introduced generations of horror fans to the Italian brand of witchcraft. I'm not even gonna fuck around with any long-winded introductions to these particular films because, really...they need none. All I will say is that without these particular iconic films the genre would be a different place altogether, let alone the sub-genre of witch films.

Ladies and Deviants...please enjoy...TERROR TWOSDAY!



So, now that you know what a real witch film looks like from two Italian masters of horror...go check out WGN's new show Salem  on Sunday nights!

Thanks for watching and we'll see you next TWOSDAY!