Welcome to this Film Deviant's TERROR TWOSDAY!

Ok, so...if you're unfamiliar with the way this thing works, every Tuesday we have a free double feature of horror films suitable for Deviant viewing. Two horror films for the price of none, hence TERROR TWOSDAY! For tonight's double feature, we have a special double treat.

Due to the fact that today is a very significant day in the world of contemporary horror, we have two films that involve twins! That's right...twins! One film is a classic entry into the world of Hammer that I love so dearly, while the other is a suitable replacement from 2011 because the one that I wanted to show (Dead Ringers) had an audio issue.

So, Ladies and Deviants please enjoy...TERROR TWOSDAY! And, also...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite genre twins, JEN AND SYLVIA SOSKA!

Twins of Evil (1971)

Seconds Apart (2011)

Thanks for watching and we'll see you next TWOSDAY!