By day, Aaron Christensen is a mild mannered amongst the others in Chicago, IL. But, when the full moon rises and the "popcorn pops full"...he transforms into his alter-ego, Dr. AC, bringing genre knowledge to the millions of uninitiated casual horror fans thirsting for more.

Mr. Christensen is actually a really cool of the nicest people that I've met so far in this blood-soaked world of horror. In fact, when I was introduced to this doctor of horror just last month at HorrorHound Weekend, we hit it off so well that we just ended up talking horror the entire night, into the wee hours of the morning. We pretty much shared our thoughts and opinions about the vast landscape of the genre. The good, the bad...and everything in between. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, I was introduced to Jon FUCKING Kitley from KITLEY'S KRYPT, one of the longest running horror websites of ever. AC introduced him as his "go-to" man when it came to horror. I thought how insane of a notion it was that this man that I was talking shop to for the last couple of hours had a "go-to" guy! But, there he was. When Kitley entered the conversation, It was the best of times.

It was a little later (Earlier?? Who knows what goddamn time it was!) that I found out about HIDDEN HORROR, a reference book filled with 101 horror films that you might've never heard of before. I, myself (a well of information whenever it comes to the genre), was able to find some stuff that I've never seen before. Picking up where AC's last book (HORROR 101: THE A-LIST OF HORROR FILMS AND MONSTER MOVIES) left off, HIDDEN HORROR is the perfect book to enrichen your Deviant lifestyle. And what makes it so great is that each and every one of the films recommended is from a passionate fan of the genre. Every film is discussed in length by someone who LOVES that particular entry. John Pata writes about one of his favorite films, Pieces...while Nate Yapp inks a love letter to the classic Alucarda. Hell, even Jon FUCKING Kitley shows up to make sure that you don't forget Isolation. It all reads like a collection of love letters to all of these awesome, often over-looked, horror films. If you are just starting out in the genre and are looking for that perfect starting point or if you believe to have see it all and are in the mood to discover more horror, Dr. AC's HIDDEN HORROR is the book for you! Personally, I love reading what others think about some of my all-time favorite genre films, so the book serves as a really nice companion piece to these great horror films. Pick up both HORROR 101: THE A-LIST OF HORROR FILMS AND MONSTER MOVIES and HIDDEN HORROR at Amazon today!

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From Left: Jon FUCKING Kitley (Kitley's Krypt), a geeked out Deviant, Dr. AC and Dan Kiggins working the HH table.

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