DEVIANT TRAILER: Among the Living (2014)

There is a small handful of genre films that I am SUPER EXCITED to see whenever they finally come out here in the States. This is one of them.

Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury are two filmmakers that can do no wrong in my book. When they do everything right we get stuff like Inside. When they stumble a little we get stuff like Livide....which isn't necessarily a bad thing. They are genre filmmakers that get it...and now they have a new film coming out sometime this year (hopefully).

This new trailer is completely in French...but, if you're anything like me then you are able to establish 3 things. Among the Living  looks fucking creepy, it has Beatrice Dalle in it....and did I mention that it looks fucking creepy??

Here's the trailer...

Among the Living  comes out April 30th in France. Who knows when we'll see it here.

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