My Thoughts on the New GODZILLA

The "Official Main Trailer" came out for the new Godzilla  movie and the internet went absolutely freaking crazy for it. And why not?? It's an amazing trailer that looks like it has everything anyone would ever want from a big budget Hollywood film featuring everybody's favorite kaiju. Well...almost everything.

I LOVED Godzilla  growing up as a kid. I used to watch the Creature Double Feature whenever it was on and I had all these crazy Godzilla toys. I remember watching all those Godzilla  movies back then...over and over again. And now that I'm older I notice my son watching the '93 Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla  and just tripping out over how awesome it is that he is actually having fun with it like I did all those years back. Well, now there's a cool brand new big studio Godzilla  coming out this year.

Now, I'm not as obsessed as some people are about the big green guy. You know who you are. I have a ton of other stuff to obsess, Gojira kinda always took a backseat to my many other genre interests. I guess I just thought that he would always be there...demolishing Japanese buildings and kicking kaiju ass. But,  even though I don't really fall into the hardcore fanbase...I couldn't help but think of some things that were missing from this new trailer that I'm hoping are just stuff the trailer-makers couldn't really fit into a two and a half minute preview. Things like the classic Godzilla  soundtrack,  or some of the other kaiju threats that he ends up battling, or some of the fun that went along with each and every new Godzilla  installment. This film feels pretty bleak, which is cool...but, I do hope there's some fun to be had with this film to go along with the darkness. I'm happy that they put in some of the nuclear stuff and I'm excited to learn that this film is a direct sequel to the original 1954 film. Gareth Edwards is a filmmaker that I can trust with big-scale monster movies. His debut film, Monsters, was actually one of my favorites of the last few, I was psyched when I first heard that he would be the one that would be saving the mighty King of the Monsters from Emmerich's past mistakes.

There's still so much that Legendary Pictures has yet to unveil regarding this new, I'll be happy to discover possible Easter Eggs and nods to the Toho franchise along the way. Is that Rodan falling from the sky and plunging into the water in the trailer? Is that some kind of talon from a giant monster's wing that slams down onto a city street that I caught? Maybe there's a Monster Island in this new incarnation? Who knows? It's still hard to be sure from the epicness teased in the couple minutes of the trailer. Besides, I'd hate to spoil it all for myself before the movie actually comes out. Instead, I'll be sitting in a dark IMAX theater with, hopefully, a huge smile across my face...much like the one I had all those years ago as a young child watching Godzilla  for the first time.

Here's that AWESOME trailer...

Godzilla  crashes into theaters May 16th...and my ticket is already purchased!

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