George A. Romero's NIGHT of the LIVING DEAD

Today is George A. Romero's birthday. His "of the Dead" films have helped shaped my young mind into the Deviant I am today. Without his films, the entire landscape of horror would be very different today. That's a fact. Join us in celebrating Romero's birthday by watching the one film that started it all!

Can you imagine a world without Night of the Living Dead? Pretty freakin' scary, huh?? The zombie apocalypse film that we are so familiar with today might not even exist. I mean...perhaps the flesh-eating zombie might still exist in some form...but, would stuff like The Walking Dead  even be around? As basic horror fans, we owe SOOOO MUCH to George A. Romero. He is one of the last true masters of horror still alive. A living legend. Never mind his recent body of work...because today is all about celebrating the Father of the Living Dead. 

Mr. Romero turns 74, who knows how many more great zombie films he has left in him. Let's, instead, turn our attention to the inception of the zombie apocalypse film. Please of my absolute favorite films of all time (Kyra Schon is on my business card)...NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.