So, we've done all kinds crazy violent gory sick stuff this week...living up to DIRTY DEVIANT WEEK. But, sometimes...just sometimes...you just wanna see some tig ole' bitties.

I'm really going to try to keep the words to a minimum today...because, well...quite frankly, sometimes it's all about the visions rather than whatever I have to say about those visions. In this case, the visions happen to be the lovely treasures that have helped shape my young Deviant mind. Grant it...I most likely watched all this stuff waaay too early in life. But, I gotta say, I probably would've started a website devoted to unicorns and Disney films if it hadn't been for these particular films.

Female Vampire (1973) - Lina Romay

Jesus Franco is a personal hero of mine. He was a filmmaker with a countless body of work that never bored his audience. There was always something to see whenever he was behind the camera. One day he met a 17 year-old beauty named Lina Romay, whom he took a fancy to and went on to work with for decades. When I first watched Female Vampire  I was hypnotized. The very first scene where Lina walks towards the camera in a thick fog...is the stuff of dreams. Dreams that I've been chasing most of my life. Here's the scene.

Re-Animator (1985) - Barbara Crampton

Jesus Christ, is Barbara Crampton beautiful. I've had a thing for her for a very long time. And it just so happens that she's in a few of my favorite genre films. Re-Animator  is what I remember her most in. Especially that scene that gives a new perspective on the term..."giving head". I'm completely positive that particular line has been beaten to death. Anyway...here she is with Dr. Hill's head.

The Shining (1980) - Lia Beldam

God...those eyes. Those breastesses. those legs. Oh my Jesus! Did I just see bush?? Yes! That IS bush! Wow! That's what that looks like! Sooo hot! That lovely back. And those lesions and scabs! So freakin' ho---wait...lesions?? What the fuck?!? Oh my God!! What the fuck is that???!! Kill it, Jack!!! Kill it with fire!!!! Jesus Christ...MY EYES!!! I CANNOT UNSEE WHAT I JUST SAW!!!!

I'm sure I'm not the only one who was scarred by this haunting scene.

Return of the Living Dead (1985) - Linnea Quigley

It was 1985 and Linnea Quigley was a hot punk rock girl who loved to dance in a graveyard...with no clothes. It was the best of times. If there was one particular scene that I've always gravitated towards...it is this one. I couldn't count the number of girls I've tried to get to dance naked for me in a graveyard over the years. Oh, well. I suppose there's nothing like the original punk rock girl with the hot grey leg-warmers dancing naked on a tomb. God, those leg-warmers!

Nekromantik 2 (1991) - Fucked Up Finale

I won't say a goddamn word about this one...other than, if it is your first time watching it...I wish I was there to see your face.

My Bloody Valentine (2009) - In 3D!

This one's a bonus! Put your 3D glasses on and enjoy the show!

Stay Dirty and Deviant!