DIRTY DEVIANT WEEK: Deviant Double Feature

It's DIRTY DEVIANT WEEK, kids...and have he got a DEVIANT DOUBLE FEATURE for you!

There are disturbing WTF films and then there are the films that not only make wonder what the fuck is going on...but, also plant something sinister deep inside. These two films do that.

Begotten  is a film I endured back in my college days. It is a film that rakes its icy hands all throughout your innards, if you let it. There is imagery in this film that has remained within the recesses of my subconscious for all these years. It's not so much that it repulses...because it sort of transcends repulsion with its visceral imagery and its ambitious concept of gods and monsters. Begotten  is an "art" film that you soon won't forget.

964 Pinocchio  is not a magical fairy tale. It is pretty fucking far from a fairy tale. While the film has more of a traditional narrative than our previous Feature, it certainly isn't traditional in any sense of the word. It is a revolting tale of sex-slaves and cyberpunks full of barbaric violence and unsettling imagery. 964 Pinocchio  is completely mind-boggling and disorienting. It's not a film for everyone...but, it does offer insane Japanese fun delivered in the weirdest fucking way. Good luck watching this one.

Thank you for watching.