DIRTY DEVIANT WEEK: Deviant Beginnings

Welcome, Ladies and Deviants...to DIRTY DEVIANT WEEK!

Now...before we get balls deep in this muthafucka, I just wanted to make a few things clear. While we certainly don't really play in the "Safe For Work" park around these parts, we usually don't really stray too far into the land of sick perversion. So, you could pretty much click onto our little site and not really worry too much that someone will be looking over your shoulder thinking that you are a depraved animal. Well, this week...we will stray pretty far into that land. So, I really wanted to stress some precautions before we begin.

If you are easily offended and are not really into sex, drugs, adult language, mature content, gore, more gore, shit-eating, vomit-gore, ass-rape, sex with intestines, sex with animals, sex with dead things, sex with family members, sex with automobiles, sex with demons, fetish stuff, senseless violence, gratuitous female nudity, gratuitous male nudity, gratuitous animal nudity, satanic cult orgies, reality death, newborn porn, whale sodomy, cannibalism, gonad-crushing, crucifix-fucking and just about anything else deprived of a human soul...we would suggest that maybe you stay away from the site for the next 7 days. Altho, if these kinds of things are really your cup of tea...then, I would recommend some hardcore therapy.

Now, I'll admit...I added a couple things to that list above that probably don't even exist...but, for the most part, we'll be dealing with that stuff. There is always something that crawls into the subconscious of the human mind and stays there. For some, it is the simplicity of watching something on a film screen that their soul just doesn't agree with. A simple image or action that remains with that particular individual for life. A scar, if you will. However, there are those who seek out certain unsettling films for the purpose of pushing their own thresholds to the point of no return. For me, it was stumbling onto the disturbing stuff on my own that intrigued me. I had no idea what I was watching until the credits rolled. And then...I wanted more. It's not like I craved these disturbing things...but, they did fascinate me.

As for the beginning...for me it was an Italian film that I'll get into a little later in the week...but, for many, it might have been a little French silent film by Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel that came out back in 1929. Now, while it is hard to say for certain what film truly unleashed all the sick and twisted things to come along eventually, there is no denying the influence of Un Chien Andalou. Technically, it's like a starter kit for depraved filmmaking. It's got eyeball-slashing, fetishist stuff, dead donkeys and so many other squirm-inducing elements that have showed up in contemporary films devoted to the deranged. All in about 15 minutes.

So, what better place to begin DIRTY DEVIANT WEEK than with...Un Chien Andalou? Please enjoy...

Stay Dirty and Deviant.