DIRTY DEVIANT WEEK: Cutting Moments (1997)

If you ask our own Fangirl Sarah what her top 5 favorite genre films are...odds are Cutting Moments  from 1997 will end up on that list. It is a harrowing peek into the lives of a seemingly "normal" suburban family.

Back in 1997, Douglas Buck wrote and directed a short film called Cutting Moments (Daybreak). He has gone on to helm a couple of impressive films since. 2006's Sisters  and 2011's The Theatre Bizarre  have garnered some high interest within the genre. Particularly The Theatre Bizarre, for its ability to balance nicely a decent anthology with its many well-told stories. The film serves to solidify Buck's potential as a viable genre filmmaker. But, no film that he has made has been able to recapture the cult attraction of his Cutting Moments. It is a film that flawlessly portrays the deterioration of a family with deep-seeded issues and a woman at the center of her desperation.

Nothing is like Cutting Moments.  

Stay Dirty and Deviant.