DIRTY DEVIANT WEEK: Aftermath (1994)

Necrophilia?? Okie dokie!

Aftermath  is as twisted a film as you will experience. But, it's so beautiful in execution. Nacho Cerda (whom you may recall is the person responsible for the super ambitious and disturbing The Abandoned) does expert work of creating powerfully quiet film. It is a film that doesn't have a single word of dialogue and manages to utilize restraint to an art form. However, some of the imagery that is on display in this 30+ minute short film will haunt your dreams for years to come. Altho, if you're into this kinda thing...might I suggest hard liquor and a better-than-average psychologist.

I won't say anything about the actual premise of Aftermath...because that would ruin the experience. Instead...I'll let you see it for yourself and form your own conclusion.

Stay Dirty and Deviant!